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Hello internet, blogsphere, and ,eventually, the Augmented Reality web. We’re back.

Not that you missed us. Really. You probably never actually knew who we were. Lol.

But that doesn’t matter, we’re back.

Who We Were

But, really, who were we? Way back around ten years ago, we created and ran a tech blog that won’t be mentioned by name. From 2008 to 2012, we did regular blog posts summarizing that best laptops that you could find on Bestbuy, Amazon, and anywhere else across the web.

After about three years of doing this, things really began to grow. We were making money from Amazon when people were reading our posts and buying from them. Advertisers were approaching us and paying us money by placing ads across the site. Natural link building began happening because people loved what they read. In all, things were fabulous.

What Happened

And then, at the height of our so call success, we made one wrong mistake and lost everything. Around 2011, we had been experimenting with different types of marketing and we’re just too aggressive in our link building strategy. And then, in 2012, Google began to penalize any type of aggressive link building and everything crumbled when Google decided to deindex our site.

All was lost. It was a sad time.

At that time, we decided to take a ten year break from the whole tech blogging world. It was time well spent!

  • We spent time learning “the right way” to build and promote sites in Google.
  • We created a company called PushLeads specializing in SEO, Pay Per Click, and Web Design Services.
  • We built up a clientele of 30+ satisfied clients.
  • We’ve serving 15 clients on an ongoing basis.

What Now?

However, during all of that time, we’ve really missed doing tech blogging. Call us crazy, but we absolutely love hardware, building computers, reading reviews, doing reviews ourselves, and summarizing what’s popular!

So, with bitbys, we’re back. We’re back, baby! On today, March 13th, 2018, we set this new blog into the digital realm!

Within this blog, we plan to:

  • Review the most popular laptops, desktops, and smartphones from across the web
  • Discuss current tech trends
  • Take a look and up and coming hardware
  • Peer into the future at emerging technologies.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

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