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Diving into Amazon’s Fire Cube

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Diving into Amazons Fire Cube

In the video streaming world, Amazon is on a roll! Four years ago, they shipped out the first video streaming devices. Since then, they’ve improved their Fire TV Products by shrinking things down to smaller HDMI sticks that are the size of a thumb drive, improved their Roku offers, and released voice control devices like Amazon Alexa.

Now, Amazon is releasing the 4K Fire TV cube. Obviously, Amazon thinks that this device is the next thing in entertainment because they’ve baked in Alexa functions right into the device.

Sandeep Gupta is  vice president of product development for Amazon Fire TV. He says that the goal of this Fire TV Cube is to “really enable voice experience in a way that makes sense and actually highlights the use of voice. No. It’s not just another voice enabled device. It’s apparently a whole new experience.

The 4K Fire TV Cube is $119 at Amazon. Easily the most expensive Fire TV device Amazon has released so far.

Let’s take a look at a few features:

  • Has eight far-field microphones built in, an array that was designed to accommodate the shape of the cube.
  • All Alexa features work. Ask the Cube for the weather, jokes, or Amazon’s voice powered Apps.
  • The Cube connects to the TV via HDMI and supports both multi-directional IR and CEC.
  • Cube owners with set-top boxes for cable TV or over-the-air TV can connect Amazon’s box to those devices and access them using Alexa.
  • Has an interesting EX Echo Show interface with a grid like format.
  • Streams Amazon Prime Video.

It’s an interesting new take on the Fire Stick. Check out the full wired review here to learn more.

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