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The Impressive ASUS VH238H 23-Inch LED Monitor

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The ASUS VS248H-P is a Fabulous 24 Inch LED Monitor Review

The Impressive ASUS VH238H 23-Inch LED MonitorIt is a 23” monitor with a 50,000,000:1ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio, full HD 1080P. It also comes with 1 HDMI, VGA, and DVI port. You’ll be surprised because this baby is relatively light to carry at only 13.55 lbs.

User Opinions:

Based on the reviews and feedback from a number of users, the ASUS VH238H LED Monitor is ranked as one of the bestsellers in the Amazon store. Currently, it sits on the no. 8 spot with a 4.5 star rating in its category.


Most of the users who purchased the ASUS VH238H LED Monitor gave accurate positive reviews about this great piece of technology.

  • It has a large viewing area and a non-glossy screen to prevent glare, a fairly light and thin size, and LED backlighting. It also has a sharp, bright picture, no dead pixels, no noticeable backlight bleed, no ghosting, has great resolution, and impeccable image clarity.
  • When the computer goes to sleep, it goes into standby and can easily be turned back on without even dealing with the power button.
  • It also easily changes source between VGA/DVI/HDMI with the push of a button, making for 6 preset viewing settings. . The monitor makes playing games and watching videos very enjoyable.


  • Users had complaints such as a flimsy stand, glossy housing around the screen that makes slight reflection, and hard-to-push buttons. Its stand reportedly adjusts up and down only, not left to right. The monitor also doesn’t include USB ports.
  • Another flaw are its not-so-great speakers because they’re tiny.
  • Also, the top housing is very thick, making it difficult to mount a webcam. The on-screen controls are a little lousy as well.


Overall, the ASUS VH238H LED Monitor is most practical for people who would love to see clarity, perfection, and great resolution on their monitors. It is really cheap and, considering its price, it’s all worth it!

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