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Toshiba Improves their Business Minded E105-S1602

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Toshiba Improves their Business Minded E105-S1602

Toshiba Improves their Business Minded E105-S1602

Last year Best Buy introduced what they called Blue Label laptops – they were HP & Toshiba laptops that featured thin and lightweight designs, long battery life, backlit keyboards, and two-year warranties. This year Toshiba just released the the Satellite E105-S1602. It’s an improved Blue Lapel laptops with much lower recession pricing. Best Buy is the only store that sells E105-S1602 at the $899.99 price.

The E105-S1602 is built with sturdy construction, a longer 5.5hr battery life, and bright 14″ screen. The E105-S1602 comes with Intel Core 2 Duo (2 GHz), 4 GB (DDR2) RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, has Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition, weights 5.1 lbs, and has a nice sized 14.1 TFT active matrix LCD screen. See it on Toshiba’s website.

Review Summaries

Entreprenuear Techreviews says the E105-S1602 has sturdy construction and pleasing overall design; comfortable keyboard and touch pad; backlit keys; lengthy battery life without bulky battery. The integrated graphics won’t allow you do to much gaming but will be fine for everyday businesss use.

According to CNET Toshiba improves on last year’s excellent Best Buy Blue Label laptop by slashing the price while serving up a nearly identical machine. The chassis is the same as last year’s & the keyboard is exceedingly comfortable. The 14.1-inch screen features a 1,280×800 native resolution which produces average image quality.  It topped the 4-hour mark on their demanding video playback battery drain test. Gamers searching for a bargain should keep looking, but for general mainstream use, the Satellite E105-S1602 offers competitive performance for a mainstream laptop.

The E105-S1602 provides adequate connections in this SupreMeva review: three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, and a multiformat media card reader. One of the E105’s USB ports doubles as an eSATA port for faster data transfer times to external hard drives with this interface. This Toshiba lacks FireWire and a ExpressCard slot, but it has an FM radio jack. Toshiba includes a small FM antenna in the box if we want to listen to the radio over the airwaves instead of streaming it over the Internet. The speakers produce less than average sound quality.

User Opinions

You’ll only find the E105-S1602 available at Best Buy. It currently has 19 reviews an average rating of 4.4 stars. Here’s some recent reviews:

• ”Great Features: Lightweight, HUGE hard drive, webcam, wireless-N, lighted keyboard, fingerprint login, 5 hour battery life, bluetooth. Almost no “crapware” installed on the desktop that you have to remove and I love the lighted keyboard. As everyone has said, the speakers are just horrible, but I just use my bluetooth headphones with the laptop and no worries.”

• ”A huge selling point of this laptop is the 2-year warranty offered by Toshiba. The machine looks great without being gaudy and immature-looking. The touchpad is very easy to glide your finger over, the keyboard feels great, the display is bright and crisp, looks great playing movies.”

“I’ve been using this computer for about 9 months with no problems. It’s running Vista and I haven’t had a single issue. The battery life is great at 5 1/2 hours, especially when traveling. The processor is very fast, the webcam produces a great picture, the built-in microphone sounds great according to everyone I talk with on Skype, and the wireless N is incredibly fast. The system is very quiet and stays cool.”

Price Roundup

Best Buy currently sells the E105-S1602 ranging from $799-$899.

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