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Toshiba Qosimo X500-s1801 Gaming Laptop

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Toshiba Qosimo X500-s1801 Gaming Laptop

This is the laptop with the most bang for your hard earned bucks. Intel i7 quad core processor with speeds up to 2.9 G Hz and 4GB ram will power any first person shooter or MMO. NVidea powered graphics with 1G of dedicated ram will give you quality high definition when your playing Black-ops or watching Avatar on the Blue-ray Multidrive. This is seriously one of the best screens avail on a system that is less then $1500.  18.4″ trubrite with 1680 x 945 resolution, built-in webcam, and mic will let you video chat with your buddies while you playing or working on projects in another window. With all of the software included in this system, your old desktop is going to be collecting dust.  Windows 7pro is capable of running your 64bit programs, and with Windows Media Center you can easily watch or listen all of your favorite media files from your Xbox, desktop, or while your on the go.

The customer reviews of this system are stellar. Anyone that wants a laptop for less then $1500 and performance that will keep up with the rapid growth of digital media and 64bit performance will have to look at this system. I honestly had a hard time finding negative comments on this system, the vast majority of customers had no problems with windows 7 file and settings transfer, or anything else.

Here are some customers comments on what they liked about the X500:

  • Ease of installation, software package is free of junk and promotions
  • Graphic quality are intense and true HD
  • Audio is crystal clear and built-in speakers are great for movies and games
  • Blue-ray drive and fans are quiet and they don’t take away from media experience
  • Webcam has good picture quality and great software support
  • Great overall system with everything you need for work, school, or entertainment at an even better price then most systems with all of these features

And here are a few negative points from customers of the x500:

  • the 18.4″ screen really burns through the battery when your not plugged in;  you do need to turn down the brightness and enable energy-saver modes
  • due to the large screen and battery, this system weighs more then systems that perform this well
  • some customers did not like the red trim and lack of customization to the appearance of the laptop

When your updating your software for the first time be sure to choose either windows internet security, the free-trail software included, or whatever software you prefer. Installing multiple spyware and virus monitoring systems will not make your system more safe, and will probably cause some problems when setting up networks, and some hosting issues. There are less expensive laptops out there that will let you experience HD gaming and video, but if your looking to master games like World of Warcraft and raise your rankings in Call of  Duty Black-ops then you need this system to take you to the next level. Processor speed, memory utilization, and software support all come together in this machine, and its sure to be a top-rated customer pick for a long time to come.

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